The film “Trafficker” is a kaleidoscopic image of how trafficking of women from Africa is practiced. A variety of trafficked women speak openly about their sufferings, their lives and their traffickers. Two of the trafficked women, Patience and Rosie became traffickers themselves after having paid their debts in Europe.



Trafficker – a documentary about trafficking

Sandra, a trafficked woman in the film says: “gradually, believe me, the first week it wasn’t easy, the second week, I was so depressed, very sad, but there was nothing I could do, I had to go back there every day. And gradually, by doing so, I lost my dignity as a woman, I lost my pride, the woman in me went out and I became wild.”

The films location is Benin City Edo state Nigeria where human trafficking is an endemic problem, but there are also scenes from Denmark and Spain where many of the trafficked women are working as prostitutes.

One of the main participants in the film is Patience, now in her forties, became a trafficker herself. The film describes her process being a victim of human trafficking to a trafficker selling women herself. Patience has now dedicated her life to helping young prostitutes in Benin City. The film shows how she contacts these women on the streets, in the bars and brothels. She also tries to help young women who are in risk of being trafficked. Through Patience we meet Daniela, who asked for help because her aunt wanted her to go abroad for working in prostitution.

Another part of the film content is authentic film footage showing how religious beliefs, pre and post colonial, affect the psychological makeup, of trafficked women and is dominated by fear.

Corruption, poverty, gender violence, lack of education and opportunities of any kind breed fanatical religious groups and they flourish like mushrooms everywhere, as people seek for answers to their hardships and suffering. The film explores how Voodoo is ruthlessly used by traffickers to control and subdue their victims.

A variety of victims from Nigeria and Kenya talk openly about their experiences as sex slaves in Europe. They cover the issues concerning the identity of being a trafficked woman. We are confronted with women who are traumatized and cry out their pains and sufferings.

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