Hello – My name is lesbian


With a refreshing sense of self-irony this film takes us through lesbian life in Denmark from the 1950s to the present day, illustrated by provocative animated sequences, extensive archive material and a dynamic soundtrack that result in a tour-de-force of the story of lesbian love.

We move from the secrecy of lesbian life in the straight-laced Denmark of the 1950 to the gender-bender queer community and a nuclear family with three kids, two mums, and no dad; we meet the straight-talking lebs with their summer camps waging war on bras, make-up and men; and Ena the pro MC of Fagget Fairys doing battle with family prejudice and for the right to be herself.

Women from 19 to 84 talking about every aspect of life, including sex, loneliness, love, gender roles, the family, and parenthood.

Documentary, 52 minutes
Directors : Iben Haahr Andersen, Minna Groos

99 DKK / 15 EURO



The Danish version of version of the documentary is called “Goddag mit navn er lesbisk” and can be found here


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