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Danish Doc Production

Danish Doc Production is a Danish production company that aims to develop, finance and produce documentaries. The films often deal with social, humanitarian and anthropological topics. Geographically they spread from the north, into the rest of Europe and to countries like Cuba, Colombia and Nigeria.

The company was started in 2003 and owned by the director, cinematographer and producer Anja Dalhoff, which has over 30 years experience in producing documentaries, including development, instruction, finance, production and co-production both nationally and internationally. Danish Doc Production has also assigned a number of directors with its own projects, which sought the promise of the company’s auspices. In addition, freelance hires Danish Doc Production professional assistance to include cutting process, music and sound.

Danish Doc Production collaborates with partners such as the Danish Film Institute, DR1, DR2, TV2 – Denmark, The Social Minstry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The National Board of Health, the Centre against Human Trafficking, Hope Now, Journeyman Pictures in London, and several private foundations.

The main vision for Danish Doc Production is to make documentaries of high quality – we make movies, you can not just shake off after seeing them. The vision applies regardless of whether the film deals with the weakest in our society, cultural or anthropological phenomena. We insist on uncompromising approach to the movies, for only then can we achieve the quality that we demand of ourselves.

Film director Anja Dalhoff

Anja Dalhoff has produced and directed documentries, series, educational films and campaigns about e.g. organdonation, human trafficking and integration.

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