Salaam award 2017 goes to Dancing with Monica

“Dancing with Monica” was opening film at the Salaam Film Festival on September 14th and was awarded the film prize 2017.The day before, it was also shown at a Nest International event in Aalborg where Anja Dalhoff and Dorit Otzen held a presentation and talked about prostitution and trafficking of women. t. The film works highly engagingly in the audience and provides a presentation of many important topics and questions.

I’m a Cuban Woman

Spring has offered multiple views of the film I’m a Cuban Woman. In May, the film was shown for 150 students at the Anthropological Institute. The interest in the film and for Cuba was great and it’s obvious that Cuba draws the audience right now because the Cuban society is changing in another direction. Subsequently, the film was shown May the 26th. in “Husets Biograf” which also had a great interest in debating film and Cuban society. The next display will be on August in Havana Art Shop. The day before Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday.

Trafficker selected for Africa World Film Festival

“Trafficker” has been selected to the Ninth annual E. Desmond Lee Africa World Documentary Film Festival as one of the finalist for the 2016 festival.

With over 150 high quality submissions, the screening committee had a difficult task of selecting the few finalists in both the full length and short length categories that have now qualified for the prizes of $1,000 and $500, respectively.

As always, this year’s festival will be held in multiple locations within the United States (St. Louis, MO & Philadelphia, PA) as well as international venues (Cave Hill, Barbados; Yaoundé, Cameroon; Legon, Ghana; Kingston, Jamaica; Lagos, Nigeria; Bellville, South Africa; St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago [our newest partners] and London, UK) starting February 2016.

For further information about the festival please take a look at the film festival’s homepage


On the 22 nd October Stephan Fuchs founder of ”Trafficked Victim Unit” an N.G.O. made up of experts in counter human trafficking, invited us to an event in Luzern in Schweitz. Over 100 professionals attended the event which was called Profiling the Trafficker.

It was an exciting an informative day with many different presentations from a number of Swiss law enforcement officers. In the afternoon as an introduction to the film Trafficker Henri Drefus,a psychologist working in a Swiss hospital for the criminaly insane, gave a presentation of the psychological make up of a trafficker and illustrated this with a detailed profile of a convicted, male trafficker. After the film Trafficker was shown, a panel made up of Anja Dalhoff film director,Michelle Mildwater trauma therapist and founder of anti trafficking NGO HopeNow and Andy Desmond ex Scotland yard detective, and anti trafficking consultant, took part in a lively discusssion with the audience.

This was followed by an inovative presentation by Andy Desmond in which he described a sucessful case, he had investigated involving a Nigerian Trafficker. First he described the investigation from the traffickers perspective and then from the perspective of the investigating detective. This gave the audience a unique and exciting insight into the case which took over 2 years concentrated work and resulted in the trafficker receiving an 18 year conviction.

This event was great sucess and we have a dream of setting up a similar event to premier the film in the Autumn of 2016.

Cairo Women’s International Film Festival

Cairo Women’s International Film Festival has selected “In light of the revolution” for their festival from the 27 of february to the 3 of march. The film has been nominated to receive the audience award, so we hope that the documentary will once again get a price. It’s great we have the opportunity also to distribute the film in Egypt and in doing so, we have created an Arabic version of the film which will be available in the sale of DVD’s in this web page.

Premier of “Soy Cubana”

The film is about the two Cuban women Mercedes and Anahiz filmed from 2005 until the year 2015. The film premiered the 8th of november in Hillerød Slotsbio, where 150 people showed up. There were so many that more, unfortunately had to go in vain, but we hope to hold more similar events around the country.

The event was created in collaboration between the Danish Doc Production and the Union 3 F. After the film, Cuba expert Jørgen Lauervig, known from TV newspaper and Horizon, a presentation on the situation in Cuba today. There were many questions and the desire to debate was great. Since Cuba is so rich in music and dance culture, we had to round off the event with a potpouri of Cuban dances. Lino Aguerra and Dayneris, both professional Cuban dancers gave some numbers and several Cubans in the audience jumped up spontaneously on stage and joined the dance . After the event there was wine and sandwiches in the cozy little café in Hillerød Slotsbio. It was a fantastic day with Cuban, colorful atmosphere warming up the winter darkness of Denmark.

Premiere: In light of the Revolution

The 6th of october we had the premiere of Danish Doc Productions new film “In light of the Revolution” in Copenhagen. The film is directed by Lone Falster and Iben Haahr Andersen. It was included as the opening film at Salaam Film Festival and received the award for best film in 2015.

“In Light of the Revolution” It is an incredibly beautiful film about women and art in Cairo over the period of three years with participation of eight exciting artists. The film will be screened at DR – Danish Television and in international distribution by Journeyman Pictures.