Michelle Mildwater founded Ngo HopeNow which helps women who are victims of trafficking with everything from court cases, documentation etc.


2006: “Anker of the year “ – A special prize for work with stigmatized, marginalized people

2009: “Heinrichs prize” – A prize for innovative, creative work with trafficked people

2012: “Femina’s prize” – for social work with trafficked people

2014: “Crime Prevention Award “ for HopeNow and Michelle Mildwater. Presented by European Union for the best project to combat human trafficking in Europe.


1969 – 1970: Trained Royal Academy Dramatic Art, London UK

1970 – 1973: Teaching degree london University Trent park

1973 – 1978: Teaching children in multicultural schools North / East London

1978 – 1980: outreach work with project Run Away protection vulnerable children

Denmark & USA Trained in 5 different Theraputic systems
Teaching degree london Trent park

3 years teaching inmigrante children in London
Outreach project run away children London

Denmark : Trained in Gestalt psycho therapy1994 /98 Tikob Gestalt Center

Master in neuro linguistic therapy 1999/ 2002 Trained in hypnotherapy,coaching and psychotherapy Denmark And USA.

2003: 1 year training in psychodrama in Denmark with Lena Påvig supervision Zerko Moreno

2003 – 2006: Trained in Trauma resolution With Dr Diana Poole and Dr Peter Levine at the school of somatic experiencing Copenhagen.Further training in Attachment Therapy 2014-2015

Work Experience

1997: Founded Active Integrated Therapy

1999 – 2002: Master Neuro Linguistic Psychology hypnotherapy ,coaching And psychotherapy Denmark And USA.

2003: Psychodrama in Denmark with Dr Lena Påvig supervision Zerko Moreno

2003 – 2006: Trained in trauma resolution With Dr Diana Poole and Dr Peter Levine
School of somatic experiencing Copenhagen

2003 – 2006: Reden International ( anti-trafficking organization)
Outreach work , developing methods to find and identify victims of trafficking,

Social work Reden International’s Shelter

Supervision for social workers in Reden International

2005 – 2006: Provided 25 case stories for the first rapport in DK. The title of the rapport is : “Nigerian women in prostitution”
Written by Mai Britt Holm Nigerian Women in Prostitution

2007: Founder of an anti-trafficking NgO “HopeNow”
Director,international speaker, supervisor.

2008 – 2012:
Consultant Redcross Kongelund
Developed culturaly aware theraputic methods with traumatized victims of trafficking & supervised staff.
Consultant for “Center against Human Trafficking”

Film experience

2006 – 2015:
Consultant,researcher,writer, narrator for Danish Doc Production film company

When the Moon is Dark Tv 2 CNN
Affected For Life commisioned by UNODC
A life after Trafficking DR1
Kidney on Ice
Trafficker TV 2
My Life as a trafficked Woman. 2011 / 2016 film in production

Lectures and workshops for professionals

2010 – 2011: Transparency International in Bangkok and Athen. Speaker and workshopholder on corruption and Human Trafficking

Ongoing: lecturer in Erasmus Project in Europe.

Ongoing: Lecturer Human Trafficking at DIS ( Danish International School)

Ongoing: Supervisor for social workers and lecturers at The Metropolitan Social School.

Ongoing: lecturers in theraputic methods to work with multiple trauma and how to understand and interview victims who have been coerced through the use of rituals.