Premier of “Soy Cubana”

The film is about the two Cuban women Mercedes and Anahiz filmed from 2005 until the year 2015. The film premiered the 8th of november in Hillerød Slotsbio, where 150 people showed up. There were so many that more, unfortunately had to go in vain, but we hope to hold more similar events around the country.

The event was created in collaboration between the Danish Doc Production and the Union 3 F. After the film, Cuba expert Jørgen Lauervig, known from TV newspaper and Horizon, a presentation on the situation in Cuba today. There were many questions and the desire to debate was great. Since Cuba is so rich in music and dance culture, we had to round off the event with a potpouri of Cuban dances. Lino Aguerra and Dayneris, both professional Cuban dancers gave some numbers and several Cubans in the audience jumped up spontaneously on stage and joined the dance . After the event there was wine and sandwiches in the cozy little café in Hillerød Slotsbio. It was a fantastic day with Cuban, colorful atmosphere warming up the winter darkness of Denmark.

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