On the 22 nd October Stephan Fuchs founder of ”Trafficked Victim Unit” an N.G.O. made up of experts in counter human trafficking, invited us to an event in Luzern in Schweitz. Over 100 professionals attended the event which was called Profiling the Trafficker.

It was an exciting an informative day with many different presentations from a number of Swiss law enforcement officers. In the afternoon as an introduction to the film Trafficker Henri Drefus,a psychologist working in a Swiss hospital for the criminaly insane, gave a presentation of the psychological make up of a trafficker and illustrated this with a detailed profile of a convicted, male trafficker. After the film Trafficker was shown, a panel made up of Anja Dalhoff film director,Michelle Mildwater trauma therapist and founder of anti trafficking NGO HopeNow and Andy Desmond ex Scotland yard detective, and anti trafficking consultant, took part in a lively discusssion with the audience.

This was followed by an inovative presentation by Andy Desmond in which he described a sucessful case, he had investigated involving a Nigerian Trafficker. First he described the investigation from the traffickers perspective and then from the perspective of the investigating detective. This gave the audience a unique and exciting insight into the case which took over 2 years concentrated work and resulted in the trafficker receiving an 18 year conviction.

This event was great sucess and we have a dream of setting up a similar event to premier the film in the Autumn of 2016.

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